Baby Panda's Learning Weather

Baby Panda's Learning Weather

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On sunny days, you can see the sun. When it rains, you see raindrops, and when it snows, you see snowflakes.
What kind of weather do we usually have?
Why do we wear thick coats in the winter?
Can we go skiing on rainy days?

Join 【Baby Panda’s Learning Weather】with baby panda, you’ll discover all the secrets of the weather.

Come to Mysterious Island to learn about weather with Kiki and Miumiu.
You can make plants grow faster on sunny days by collecting sunlight.
You can also fix the penguin's igloo with snow blocks on snowy days.
You can enjoy a variety of games in various weather situations.
Come discover the secrets of the weather!

Fun Weather Games:
1. Emergency! Clouds block the sun. Help baby panda remove the clouds!
2. Wow, the sunlight is so strong. Put a cap and sunglasses on Miumiu!
3. You can grow sunflowers by collecting sunlight!
4. Move the magnifier to find the germs on the clothes, and remove them with sunlight!
5. Uh-oh, it’s raining! Please find rain boots and rain coats for the animals.
6. Bunny wants to eat mushrooms, but the mushrooms are too small. Collect the rain drops and grow the mushrooms.
7. The pond has dried up, so the tadpole cannot find its mum. Move the cloud to make rain to help the tadpole find its mum!
8. It hasn’t snowed for a long time on Snowy Island. What should we do?
9. Draw snowflakes along the line; then you can make snow!
10. It's snowing. What should the penguin wear? A scarf! Or boots? Help the penguin!
11. Let’s go skiing with our friends. There are lots of presents along the way. Let’s start!
12. Wow, we're going faster! Watch out for the obstacles!

Key features inside the game:
1. Funny weather situations: sunny day, rainy day and snowy day!
2. You can learn why these weather events happen.
3. You can learn the characteristics of 3weather situations: sunny day, rainy day and snowy day.
4. You can learn the right clothes for different situations.

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