Idle Fishing Diary - Tap Fish

Idle Fishing Diary - Tap Fish

Leave the concrete jungle, and fish on riverside with adorable friends

Make friends for a lonely bear who has just left the city. Tap to catch fish and level up the bear. Produce Healing Points to open additional spots to fish and invite animal friends there.
Find a new fish. Fill your diary with pictures of various fish and unique friends.
Build your own fishing camps and recruit managers. They will cheer us up, by things like marshmallows baked in a bonfire!
Sometimes big games come. You can also participate in a fishing festa and cast as many as you like.
Spread out the map and discover new possibilities. New rivers and fish will be continuously updated.

Or, you can forget everything and just appreciate the beautiful stream of swimming fish.
Write the bear's story as you wish.

Keep calm, and rods on!


- Simple gameplay: just tap to fish!
- Eye-friendly design: It's suitable for everyone, also makes you feel comfortable!
- Joyful discoveries: Interesting fish, unique animal friends, and advances of the camp wait for you!
- Fishing Festa: Sometimes you need an active rest. Tap rapidly to fill up the basket with fish!
- No internet connection needed!

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