Legend Runeterra | Legends of Runeterra

Legend Runeterra | Legends of Runeterra

Set in the LoL universe, Legendary Runeterra is a strategy card game in which quick skills, creativity and intelligence are the keys to success. Choose Heroes and combine cards from different regions - each with their own style and strategic advantage - and build a perfect deck of cards to take down opponents.

TYPICAL HEROES FROM League of Legends: Familiar heroes from League of Legends and brand new characters from the lively Runeterra world come to every detail.

ABOVE SKILLS: It all depends on your choice, each smallest move will determine whether to win or lose.

YOUR TICKETS, YOUR STRATEGY: Get free cards when playing or buy exactly the desired cards, collect them to your liking without having to buy random cards.

BUILD YOUR TACTICS: combine, constantly test new tactics by adding new cards regularly to all areas.

ANY ACTION CAN BE RESPONDED: With dynamic, transformative gameplay, you can always respond to your opponent - and vice versa.

COMPETE WITH FRIENDS AND COMPETITION: Fight with friends, challenge opponents in ranking mode or join an expedition and choose a new deck of cards every time you play.

EXPLORE RUNETERRA: Explore the mysterious areas of Runeterra to uncover the hidden connection between migrants, danger and the creatures here.

In Legend of Runeterra, you are selected from 24 hero cards to put into the deck, each card has a unique mechanism inspired by the original skills in the Union.

Heroes are powerful cards and you can level up to make them stronger.

Get new skills to crush enemies. "" Flip the deal "" at a glance with the perfect combination. Even breaking the law and beating opponents with unusual new methods.

Heroes are the key card to build a deck of cards, but to destroy the opponent's Main House, you need an army. Choose support allies to level up your heroes quickly and control the board.

There are dozens of support cards to choose from. You will meet both familiar faces as well as completely new faces.

Every character and card in the game comes from an area of ​​Runeterra. When the game is released, there will be six main areas: Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover & Zaun, Ionia and Shadow Islands.

Each region has its own gameplay and strategic advantages, but it will be even more interesting when you combine cards from two different regions. There are always cards that suit each personality and play style - but choosing your hand is your own decision.

There are countless paths to victory. Be creative, by building and collecting how tags depend entirely on you.

Runeterra legend is a free game. Whether you win or lose, you gain experience to improve every game. Gradually, you will collect new cards, spells and heroes - enough for you to build many different floors.

Treasure will open once a week. The more you play, the higher your treasure is and the rarity of the cards inside increases. The treasure also contains mysterious cards that can be turned into any card. Experience the abundance of new cards to discover your own gameplay and strategy. The more diverse the deck, the greater the chance of matching.

Going forward, you can make expeditions and choose a unique deck of cards for each challenge, winning as many opponents as possible with a new deck every time you play.

Or challenge your skills by joining the ranks and see your position among the "best" players in Runeterra.

Riot reserves the right to modify the game version and content at any time after the early registration period; Riot reserves the right to delay or cancel the release of the game without any liability after the early registration period and the game may be released by Riot Games, its subsidiaries or parties. any third.

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