Exclusive gift for pre-register users: 5000 coins, 200 diamonds, 1 exclusive pre-register weapon.

As time advances, human beings started to master necessary technologies which empowered them to make a living in severe environments. More and more planets are being developed and has become habitable, including a number of isolated planets—the residents living on those planets are suffering from endless harassments from the outlanders and The Security Council is relying on you to protect their homeland! Lead the galactic fleet with your great skills and extensive experience to stop the invaders.

The game combined traditional Raiden-Like arcade gameplay with groundbreaking
multiplayer competitive mode within the Danmaku genre offering you a
distinctive experience that you never had.

The Game Features:
-Hundreds of Formidable Spaceships with Insane Projectiles bringing you straight down to the Bullet Hell.

-Stunning visuals and award-winning sound effects creating an addicting atmosphere making you a thrill.

-Flexible UI designs allowing you to control precisely in fierce real-time PVP battles!

-Countless upgrades to choose from, you’ll be able to Form your nimble Crafts into massive Cruisers!

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